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Monday, April 21, 2008

Support the New GI Bill

IAVA has been working around the clock to push new GI Bill in Congress. They have launched a new website that makes it really easy to get involved in supporting the new GI Bill:

Check it out and show your support!

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Torey said...

My great Uncle fought with Smedley Butler with his China Marines. We have had family members fight in all conflicts from the American Revolution to the current Iraqi freedom. We have sent our loved ones off over and over again. We must not use our loved ones in war and not take care of them. Also the misuse of information to take us to war is a time when all citizens have to step up and fight for the truth. We can not die for a lie.

In the 1940s only one political party supported the GI bill for our veterans. FDR at first vetoed the Bonus marchers pay and then changed his mind in the middle of WWII. The GI bill after WWII began one of the largest economic booms in American history. GIs became teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, judges and many other professional. Not to mention the large University systems that were created and supported. Lets not forget our new batch of veterans. Support fighting Americans!